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for each thought, touching the sky with your own free/empty hands, though rejecting the laughing s(o)/ul/ng in name. those in need for a flowing laugh. tears of the sun. heat... softness, feeling in control of the sound. if you put both of your hands on the table you will find the missing knocks. the fine silk, in sameness longing. tiny particles of destruction. mood/mode swing.







for each thought, the world set its sight on the full-back of the red bull, facing in the last shot. rootless. don’t let the moon chasing your shadow; don’t let it pull you in. and that was/is. not the hole in your heart. face & song. look at the lines running through your own network. meat-samuel-catfish-sunday. the near festivity of yesterdays. holding in your own sadness of being rejected. the second time you let it down, falling off your face. talking head.


seem like you had lost the last rose.


each time the singer striked that note, you let out a small smile. fact/note/ream/sunday/smith. under the letters of songs, not the facing shut. hot/not cold. folding feeling that was the reason you left. the streets that let you down. each thought stronger than the last. memories of your own sadness corner. you just left. behind & forever. landing on the first town without anything to hang on to, just some thought-less determination. folding in the tablets of decay. feet/fingers-sunnails. hope of the clowns. you just left.


dream of hands, the lasting kind. joke best kept in secret. you have in you, the it. not the last to leave, you just left.


nothing/not. facing the lost shadow. none. holding back the laughers. you sigh, the voice of deleted







thought; that particularity of in-door. holding/keep.


you o(e)/w)n the time to no.


the sun, a hot joke. hopeless numb in the name of the objects, heat/shine, voting and stuck. you know, the other side.


the old man never leaves.


jokes for the despair/de-paired. last/the next after. songs are like the vein of love. the needle/pulling strenght. face-mask, and the role you play. unde-cided, and undevided. cold/not hot, are like cows, soft note of summer. light was rare at your own cor-ner of youth. you stick with what you appreciate. names you like. hope in the last box. the second fight.


you call yourself the son of the moon. you and th/e/at amber.


with the most fine, messy, and of course... you re-lease, finally. that delayed kiss. you kn(o)e)w, the right of yes. folding chairs waiting in the eyes, not ugly. the soft touch in the skin before the eyes shut down. calling, yes.


who will let you know? reject-meet-fold-hot-young. the lines in the shadow, holding back each moment in touch. folks, and the people. raise up against the







grain of sand. knob/the turning. the least repair. ris-ing last, honesty, littering the soul with the cut of/in the diamond. owning your own shadow, including the blame. the shutdown, inside the seam of the jacket. holding keep. memories in the song you trash. untamed-untouched. between the songs. you let yourself in. you just leave. somepeople get their kick from the floor. nothing yes.


rounding the horses, good-bye things.


noted feeling, the running inside. you say whisperring yes. hold vine structure in the last wood. running (f)oul/owl. sunday talk.


insert object: linen. chalk. eggshells. pencil. finger-nails. last piece of (wet) napkin.


feeling in your own shade, the very abstract color; the most inhaled. funstroking the soft skin laven-der. owning your own desire-hate. the crusted sur-face. sound waves moving in the direction of memo-ries. reaching & searching. today is subjective.


collage. sign. in door.


sight is obstructed with sand desert, viewing hot the last killing. running into the direction of destroying the sun. you may/must; the impossibility of objec-tion. reaching for the last feel. it is the explosion of







your own skin/mask, least despited; the repertoire of chill.


fine clothes touching the behind door. unnamed. voted out. you strike the bell. cursing the shadow shots. mode of veins. lean. dust. the summer. col-lars of youth. leaves on string.


empty feet rolling into the seeds of spring. each leaving a trail of cold tears. each drop you touch. leaving hold unconditional find. witness and taking note. hope killing despair. honesty and the streets. howling behind the veil. ejecting witness useless feel, that healing cow. kind/feet of winter. the cut behind the right ear. mean corner of young kids. cold garden and the festivities in the crowd. noth-ing in yes. not-in.


the moon in your eyes, lusting for thought. same time next year. witholding wishes. you say yes.


in-door, investigation, hot lust. calling names. self-sacred-sweet-yes. the vast amount of fusion, cold as air. minotaur in-session. cost dust. foaming on top of your tears, undesirable, and unsweet. the rear miror join silk. kite & wind. forked spice, untested. silence. dream.


dream-like shadows/shades, feeling rejected in the middle of autumn. heated toasted to fine, verging







virgin left. hate joke like the silly fold. to grasp the feet of touch. cost divided. the lonely fact of tell-ing, sunproofed talk. cut/slice/fold/—and this knife you put on, slaying the coming escape. the negativ-ity of names, facing that corner in the past. sunhealing the corn field. the intermediate left.


insert object: knives.


calling fun the fact, nodding toward each time the paper cutting into the lines. neck costed with not feeling for the neck, hosted reason. counting defi-ciency, negative m(o-e)ss. the counting of time, funny cake. you(ng) latitude of youth. softness feel-ing, that foolish kind.


lean forward and put the sun in the sun, however moonlish, that is. killing this nameless feet, how-ever kind. not the rain, it wilts. the falling of leaves, ugly as sin.


control: controlling, controled, yes/in, the last. lofty smile. the funny lines in each song, each minute lost. founding fathers of mandacity. putting some in total intermediation. listing the soft (g/c)lass. the way it leads to the left. mean song. cake unglued. hot/wet.


under the killing sun you knead your own muscles, lines untouched behalf. the jokes are in line. under







the killing. haft of need. the hall founding its own dark beats, hosted up into the sky beating down fine lung, common letters. put in, & the vanity. sit run continuation, the east. heat: sun. summer. water. coal. fire. candy. tears. and you blow with a force of lead. it rasps on the pane, drops on drops. each minute into the situation, kissing the shine, fine most on the cut. hot/moist. how the coffee to sin, hope smoke and noise in the missing room.


if the wonderful to die, if then. no matter where you are. owning the shadow and the run. the lie, factless nod. utterance meeting elastic string, rus-tic ticket. sum in total. everlasting trance. mounting forks. supper mass. collected. fasten veins, looking for songs. odd/cook/momumental blow. beautiful skin.


the loneliness of thoughts. fighting the linage hestitation blue. drop hate. cutting sun, the south/ fasten beat. nomad drifting along the barking cows, useless meat. setting sun on the boulervard street, kettle conferrence. bounding queer.


cover the mold with sounding faces, the running water falling off ash tint, melting laughs, cough, sonic vast. cold/stream, the leaving. old cows. you(‘r) soft.


falling rain of treating the devotion of thieves, hid-







ing the incidents, & devotional vow. kindness of thick, the vicious noise. you leave for home, the rustic past. leaving the rim of shots, counting fin-gers. hiding distance, and/plus-not seem. losing the kill, boxing fetus. holy mass, the rise. young & faith-less. however young & however... comfort hall. dropping counts in disclosure. proximity of less. slicing the hip, houseless, dreaming for silence in void, noted. hugging the cold knife. that meaning-less cut. you sit. the cranberry bells. bottle & throats. hot lust in tamed. under the chair the bouncing ball featuring heat. not the counter-in-counter. memory run.


solving/(haft-)projected/in-line, for using the minus checked. pushing toward the boundary. edge/strick-line, that beam. notify & pointing. defination of fin-ger. nestling the cheap. moon belly. foam, belief, and side-list. lingering fume. last & terrified. you change the socks. br(+ing) it down. counter-counter. knob sweet, falling in bloom. sideway pedestrian; you stall the walk. desperation fang. cut fox mean-ing sound fortitude the list, in adjust of fine, roasted chill. aiming for lost.


underminding less choked fortune in signatures.


noted vice. that sinful lot.


all players on board. this restless down. next last, the view of sunday. modifying layers of cut. drift-







ing into the view. you hold/feel your own shadow, lusting now. under five domesticated cats. some shooting even.


leaving face/fact, the leaving total yield. each last the minute, weaving the traffic, detached. only the street noise. and you help yourself on the ledge, falling in seconds behind the knocking of vanity, licking the thoughts. joke, that unwise numb. heat/ smoke (de)generated cook-er. foil least touched. anxiety steam. lying on your own vomit. egg yolk formicated into yellow knit, smashing the stop-sign. counter-evolution. steam & ice crust. (most) elabo-rated/chilled.


fast taste, witnessing the slaying of the flowers. night fabricates. grunt lean. note/first, and the sharpness of evil; oblivious to none. sound this touch, notify-ing member, earning dime. lurch/knock.


grey panel on sheet, facing the chilly morning last-ing still. trimmed.


piece (s), kneading few. left beat.


oil & still.


bold last some moment, on the wolf cutting into knee. holiday necessity. today it claims: love is a poor man’s food. don’t fantasize.









leering sky, juncture of exterials, liking/not strip. more strange. the silence low deep, singing tree, that terror. waiting for simulation call, highlighted mark. manual determination; if that was the case. leaving skill, understanding the minute it strikes, useless imformation of the last humor. you know the rise of yeast, naming that lateral fetus cooling, just a bit.


the soap bullet, neat, buttered. home curse on the verge of making war. the lump open, salvation abeit. not with these situations the controled image of ly-ing. under the moonlit bridge. over done with satu-rated salt, killing bees. over.


noted years, old face underlined with sucking meat. with(in-out) hostility to the boss. numb & sulking. domestication bliss. with liberated chant, lifting mate. the whole cucumber. displayed meat loaves. approach/detain, fearless map. wholesome shall, vanity curiosity need. the length of, and the distance. continuing find. ruin/classified/lotus seed. reaching for fear mad curse undesirable. th(is)e incident rises. host program butch knob, the senile file unquivered. lining up the shots with bare hands, chopping woods; pieces of slice. intention with the collective, collumn bolt; unless it kneels.


will that have any retroduction? leaving in distress,







the sitting down.


south dream notive destruction. earning beats. this lession of steam. void/request. least in name. of the citation inside the circle of rummage. viewing the shadow. coconut spice.


witness proof. the viewing room. loneliness de-tected. you reach deeper into the pocket and find that last piece of gum. determination silent/ce off mark, love/unlove; this condition no longer mov-ing. sound-waves hosting injected slots. not know-ing. how the runner keeps falling off the road. loft mauve. dot & slit. continue to stare, do(ing) what matter most. stick & bone. wrurst hut. feature and face. if this counts. insignificance. and you love a little bit less.


movement swear, stray dog needle missing the side-walks; those lovely tilts. yolk & sea foam. lovely lovely sit. lap taste and stir. stream line.


domesticating fish. stay on & linger. counting sharps.


pull pull.


laughing the facts out of the room. silence. detach-ment open win. earth off. comformation delux, in the mouth. between culture. lamination cost bit fol-lowing. dolly dream. sinking, that ship. (l)one view. t- beam. & the host.









loneliness: viewed in three important ways:


1.                 results from inadequate levels of social relation-ships, 2. subjective experience 3. unpleasant feel-ing in which people experience a strong sense of emptiness and. described as social pain - psycho-logical mechanism meant to alert individual of un-desired isolation and motivate to seek social con-nections. common terms used to describe loneli-ness include: pain, lost, nothingness, overwhelm-ing, numb, and afraid.


least talk verify coward desperation, the musky tone. with both dried cultures, holly destitute; you leap. each tonal voice maturity questioning. volumne # 3: official detach. during performance. learning desire, for the runner to test his own fal-lacy of the harmstring, that lovely muscle. nearby the tree, hollow fastination of cut.


system outside, throwing main. the long line of shut. under this elm most light fighting the shadow; hos-tility to ears. listed by last vowel, assumming lost. distance sound. assumming the lost, literal kind. obsession no less. cultivation of humility. both in name. next fist, bowl wet nuts, and fusion. honesty vice. lusting feet. until this fork moves into the di-rection of the teeth, under hissing noise, punctua-tion of left-over jugs. killing bees. afterglow, flux







obvious knob. indignation few. twice reflex. view adjudment of domination knife, flowing into the direction along the edge. willing hue, missed lo-cust tick. homage to the shadow, viewing glimpse. hate floss. rub-it-in. luxury leaving in gloat. hat neat dry/die wall. hill, roast mash until those ginger count, boss lips nomination in function, off beat. moss hos-tile fire. lucky net. this rejection insist, nail on nail, vicious count in-fact, collecting musicality. form-ing flick. this must off between. soft tissues factual lack, theory decline(d), nasty bases; you kick. ob-jecting the function in the shade, on time with the mounting cash, sounding delay. junior annuity alert, the lasting joke. vast interference competition. gamma engine effect. in disguise, that cat. inject/ fuel insidious let, on the contray device/oak, vicious delemma. on point, eat/sleep/drink/cleaning. counter refusal medicated. on your own facial ex-pression, lines & cream.


detained/smoke, each with no intention. twice re-turn.


reason within, humility reach, under.


leap still, in this heat.


sunsoak, detain solitude of obstruction. t/here, be-tween the ears. continuation conversation-dialogue. in now, and dismissal fusion tip.

coffee & st(r)eam. the drifter who digs. local but-







terfly. linking/fingers. un/re/to leak.


your mama calls you no-good.


deactivation plunge, counting toes, hosing down that messy million. all rise, the staff lemon (n/h)eat cap, inside. shutdown eyebrows, cough lust. novelty dis-tance tinted shield, and the blue chair.


stick & bone. counting wolves. leaning on white both feet interference obticals vice, hiding place. dog mad cooling down on the panel, splash/throw.


concealed walk, (a)-long way back into the sharp desert vein, teaching language meek, entertain/dis-tribution. common as nails.


you adjust, fitting into the shadow of the night. laugh-ing again with sweet fresh. on its way to no where, same delinquency, talk last. deficiency, refusal monday. always measured, not flirt. hustling the hallway, begging for thoughts.


imposibility lewd, by next wednesday, invested burst. calculating intermission. off child. playing with knives n’ you will get cut. collosal memorial burying style; theory of (r)eject. this simplicity. this quest.


tiny devices. onto theater curtain folded, testify ol-ive strip. sewage mouth.









rub vein business nude, done stray. liquid pain. fire: rapid oxidation of material in chemical pro-cess combustion releasing heat, light, various reac-tion products. slower oxidative processes like rust-ing or digestion not included by this defination. moving back into the shell, juggling, neat mascu-linity, donation deliverance.


oily/scale. as product.




healing the n(oun/ow), hot smuggle, various states of desire. beat smoke. hollow tree. the final state: undesirable.


stroke minus. lowing down both reject neutral, and must. low fact facility. linger few. cement & steel. pact test, gratitude observe, stress gloss. activities clown dot meat distinguishing fowl, dull & erase. calculating device. between shut. homage duck quit cogniti(ve-on). thumb pink. song with justification mend. addition and the collective thought. noodle young. sounding feet less the condition of this filthy longing. minus trap silly venom bolt, all in leisure behind. deed strike kept, oak total. not go’n to hap-pen. and the dime, feather dust, smoke cut on the vines of tree, listed obligation vest. destroy & cloud. on th(e-is) same night, you wish upon the falling







star; the rest are just vague. noise boat glueing massive, you. within measurement, teach flush. comfort destroyed each strap. all deliverance juggle slop. those kinds, the list most.


far with season feel, those in just the line of sweet. hommage to the blind, cuttler infection. whistle blow on rearrangement turtle slush, cake moss docile luxury veil. wet/hot. how sniff, within extermina-tion domain, desk frisk. open nine. trail lost in de-spite interesting slow, vast relocation tap slush, shut-recount-flex. slime dill fist common still, volk skit. ill missle sky, envious stop.


less least, reassure obligation bottom fangs, cuttle locust flesh, twist boundary.


along the rustic lightpoles, hiding within the foolish beats, night street falling down on its face, hug talk feeling good good good good good, a! as i(s/f), bail chat noon down fish metter dog cut slut joy finger may, this costs a laugh; utterance documented lame, hissing sweet. that smug, you. refusal obsolete fly, kindred low, beat nap. swallow infusion dome, cost fleet. calling junk flower notify cut, this minor vast, losing the battle without retreat, fallacy domain. quit bowl: that mighty taste. lip rearrangement affilia-tion. nomination cutting trial. born & step. minute delight, coffin & candles. south touch, whispering the smallest style, between the line, adjusted. con-







tinuation in death define, the ugliest love. nuiance and domination of the adversary. captain blast. cop out. dusted. choice. collection defuse vest top cut-ting the size in/to for the window to the size, you stand on the corner, wishing; the noise is fasten. wisdom particular newest the meaning, first declince on page, yes noble bleed. wish fi(-r)st on the rice, costly mane. ode to that unicorn. clapse. tire slot vest tick fusion on the eyes of the snail, calling first the last. hate smoke detetion vice, luxirious mated. the collumn of historical details, listed under departed. detrimential to health. leav-ing and witness. steel flowers: lily, rose, orchid, jas-mine, camellia, gardenia, lotus, magnolia.


some even smell the night.


vilid stack, lusting burst withrawl flare, quit just on seem strock best undeniable, lession in fly, just drop beat wind, honesty at rest. condition doubtful bussiness tribe, kick kick. universe steps, walking into flame. you call that faultline of inactivity. re-turn to names. awed. fed.


virus festival accumulation detain lollipop stress, plunge thunder, feet step. young both interested file, quit stop. soft view, infatuated bliss.


reach turn floor wish hush, the vanity of style, now, buttering window block. cat young.









lewd forward the rhymn betray, street flex voicing now, kindly missed. with/out and denouncing fact, lotus mouth job windmill, kindly rejected. how the fallacy denomination cow hissing left, touch talk minute less introduction buy, jet quit those eyes of the windows, touching depth mostly feet; entertain-ment door house. heal trash. vaccine lecture complination. with you the door is always on the right. touch toad coal mostly balcony. un/dis-course. n(2e)d threat domination clothing plight, cautious strip. (e-u)mpire killing strap, bi/uni(verse). home/ house. and list. eat a bowl of rice.


language for dreams, hosting fine deleted each skit, within south stage function quit down, nomination glutz, upset delightful; and starch. with signs, hurt flick quick test docile combination slack. this tail. collective invesment of cats, trailing fluxtuation domain. cow & sleep. one. reaching down, leave stop justifying wind, objective flush. least reliable, o(n-ff) lime.


lust yeast, notified home/house less injected whistle qu(2e)n, valley delirious fit. question last detain obsolution. sharing the blame, feeling, you want to talk about feeling. moment on cue, fanning down in short. touch less trapped down. solution defactor clause, host flesh sweet, destination unknown. voice over abstract lust, the gained, monumental fade. let







talk about feeling. glossy love retain, loin better trick. cake butter employed. total destitude. that hundred years of sour.


quit stop denouncing fangs, lusting talk. kiss stab pulling disrespecting stop stop stop, owning your own face, down struck on the beam oiling, moist slick. epp on demonic flesh, tone kindred ugliest sop, total young. heal this! oak smush unless coffee top flow, coat underlings slam. sugar right, in this heat. the world folks hate. this!


insert object: paper, flour, matches, wax, clean white towel, wood toys.


soundwaves obsession, earn talk, less despictable. with no mouth. distraction fabble cowebs, attract-ing bleed, net blow, cool slash. implication de-nounce, intermission on the door facing back, hol-low few withstanding each knob calling destroyable walking clear. on both legs. wall down sunday table, on heels.


silence. anonymous. aim. low.


console lateral district, off track withdrawn soft whale, nomination adjusted. kind as deliquency. sick. this folly. near.


district fuel on this side willow flu, earning laugh.







jokeless. undependable on four fronts. camera on just hue, voted shut. walking steam leaving red touch, hugging face leaving with yes understable, longing for skill with not enough earth to exclaim, stop best. universal voucher, the one in your hand. now hissing clip unify, utmost fidelity. (s/r)ea(r)ching foul stiff. illustration: displayed visualization form presented as drawing, painting, photograph or other work created to elucidate or dictate sensual infor-mation by providing representation. (sic) narcotic counting. narcissistic personaility disorder. ream fine. liquid heat, falling vast skull drop head now thesis federation, that flesh; hollow (reek/leak/beau-tifully) decay.


here in touch, forcified with head those games, lean sweet. cold control lack best, and yes, undesirable. feet head retraction this view, swallow belief. you lick the salt. you strum the drum. you don’t even know your name. tickle fame lip test collection that wind find, callus few. on announcement defeat.


insert object: one-dollar bill. dirty napkin. bread.




liquid steps, leaning on behind each shadow shadow shadow hosing vein licking lick licking empty strick variation on sleeves, witness & memories, coun-terfeited jock. indepth delight with all, yes. humili-ation facing down crotch lexicon amber rose, call-







ing feet, east west underlined abjectivity, consola-tion on view, un/dis/de(face)-ed. odd meet. almighty shadow of stream liking touch strick line along the shadows owning face wet stop over over, line on line, milk black dog flame, with the shadow; in/out. your mama calls you no-good.


each of lean, quest/slim obfficial list caught endorse-ment liguistic faith, all in saturation dog kite, laugh-ing against these souless (s/k)nobs, tears & vultures. all sky.


to feed on the shadow, study vein, combustion elec-tion hue, justification obsolete. hide ox beloved hesitation, yellow stain. dome cow legitimate, with/ without. decision. hate. inside by-product liquida-tion defusion nail, lusting both demention flight of justice willow flux, in disembodiment donation de-lay, each stab box. soft eyes. next flick. lemon instalation still. beet work snot, ovulation bell, caked as fleet. song bell struck beach cold fog boat blue waves black continuation. noble disclaim. noise face hostility dropping this eloquent flu, sun/day, hollistic mess. just the intention - just the clown. shadow fells on knees, facing down, with net.



Le Tuan




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